Snap Circuits: A Fun Way To Teach Children About Electricity


For me, the only way to teach science is through hands-on, project-based learning. So when my son told me that he was interested in studying electricity, I was eager to begin my search for some super-cool activities that we could do together. The first project we did involved powering an alarm clock with a lemon. You can read more about this activity in my previous post. This project gave him a basic understanding of circuits, and  the different components that make them up. We had a great time with this experiment; however, his inner engineer longed to build something a bit more sophisticated. Enter snap circuits!


Snap Circuits are an ingenious product that  allow children to build many different types of circuits. They provide hours of educational play, and best of all, encourage children to be producers of their own technology, rather than mindless consumers of it. In a nutshell, Snap Circuits are a busy, homeschooling mom’s dream come true!


The kit that we ordered is by a brand called Elenco; we purchased the Jr kit. It comes with over 30 pieces that connect with one another in seemingly endless ways to create over 100 projects. These projects include an electric light, two speed fan, light police siren, double blinking flashlight, and so much more.


While the parts may look confusing at first- I honesty was a bit intimidated myself when I opened the box- the kit comes with a full color manual containing in-depth instructions. You and your little one will be building electronics that you never thought possible within minutes! This kit had my son bursting with confidence over all that he could make by himself. Although the box says it is for ages 8-108, my son is only seven, and he has completed many of the projects in the manual.  I highly recommend  snap circuits for any child who is curious about how things work. Obviously, I love Snap Circuits dearly, but most importantly, my son loves them. His inner-engineer couldn’t be happier! Just check out the pictures below!




Phoenix, getting to work!


  Phoenix, utterly amazed that he made his own nightlight.


Full Color Manual


Have you tried snap circuits, or any other cool toys to teach electricity to children? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

Interested in trying Snap Circuits? They are available in my online shop under Educational Toys. 

Be Blessed!


Momma Phoenix

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