Raising the Phoenix: Chronicles of Homeschooling and Motherhood

  • Why Do I Homeschool?

    As life would have it, my work with special education students in Philadelphia was a training ground for my most challenging student yet- my son, Phoenix. Since my son has been school-aged, I have tried placing him in a number of school settings- and it has been a painful experience to say the least. From the age of five, he has been labeled “slow”, “ “lazy”, “ anti-social” , “awkward”, and “unable to focus”. Although my son began reading at the age of four, his teachers were unaware of this and failed to see his ability to do much of anything. I sat in countless meetings with teachers listing all of the deficiencies of my child- and I found it baffling. How could it be that his brilliance- which was so evident to our family and everyone else outside of school- could not be seen inside of the classroom?